What to Wear


I know! Selecting outfits for a shoot can be stressful. Nothing matches. You can’t find your son’s white polo! Your future hubby insists on wearing his favorite hat AND “hipster” vest AND bow tie. Have no fear.

I’ve got good news-

  • “Matchy-matchy” is so 1995. You want to coordinate, not match. Patterns are great…as long as you limit them. Bright and bold colors photograph beautifully! Use pops of color from one person’s shirt in a someone else’s headband or necklace.
  • White can be a tricky color to photograph. It tends to reflect light, which is not a good thing. ; )
  • Layering is GOOD. No. Layering is THE BEST thing you can do for your outfit. Scarves, hats, belts, vests, little man suspenders (yes, they exists and are ADORABLE), chunky jewelry, cardigans, headbands…it’s amazing what accessorizing and layering can do for your photo. POP. Yup…it’ll make your photos pop with awesomeness.

Here are some other helpful tips to get you the most out of your session.

For children, bring:

  • wipes for runny noses and other mishaps
  • diaper bag with diapers…juuuuuust in case
  • any special toy or lovie that you might want included in the photos OR that may help keep their attention
  • bubbles!-another trick for getting precious candids

For your engagement session, bring:

  • save-the-date sign?
  • outfit change (casual/dressy)
  • the BLING!

For your senior session:

  • check out the “senior session” icon on my homepage!


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